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Python Engineer

New York, NY
Top Fintech Consultancy

New York, NY

Python Engineer

Our business strategy, design and technology consultancy was founded in 2002 has a deep pool of business and technology talent. We specialize in helping clients realize rapid transformational change at an industrial scale and operate historically towards the upper tiers of banking and capital markets, to include banks, hedge funds and exchanges; assisting those companies with their most key strategic business programs and technology investments.
We build applications. Fast applications. We engineer the most forward-thinking financial systems in the industry. Think advanced visualizations, think complex systems integration, think massive data flows for all kinds of financial services players, from small start-ups to large banks, from hedge funds to asset managers.
We partner with our clients and leverage the myriad of platforms available to design and build the most effective solutions. With experts and community leaders in our various practices we work with a host of technologies: Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Java 8+, Functional programming, Python, Cloud Computing (e.g. AWS), Containerization (e.g. Docker), NoSQL, Microservices, DevOps, Big Data, Machine Learning, Block Chain
We are looking for strong Python developers to work on next generation financial systems.
You will build microservices and systems that allow financial firms process various data streams, using streaming/Messaging/REST technologies. You will utilize technologies to create high quality, scalable services, that can be deployed consistently, using technologies like: Consul, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Spark.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? (Required Skills and Experience)
  • 3+ years of commercial-grade  development experience with complex applications.
  • Experience in idiomatic Python 3.4+
  • Experience in OOP/functional coding in Python
  • Understanding of multithreading/multiprocessing in Python.
  • Understanding of Generators and asynchronous operations in Python.
  • Knowledge of advanced language features in Python: context managers, decorators, descriptors.
  • Experience of Virtual environment (venv).
  • Experience with Agile development in Python.
  • Experience with Testing in Python (Behave, PyTest).
  • Real-world knowledge in microservices architecture.
  • Experience with data modeling.
  • Experience/knowledge of Databases (SQL, MongoDB, key:value).
  • Experience in Messaging/streaming/REST API’s.
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills are required
WHAT WOULD BE NICE FOR YOU TO KNOW? (Desired Skills and Experience)
  • Knowledge of, and strong demonstrated interest in, global financial markets and financial products.
WHO ARE YOU? (The Secret Sauce)
  • You have an engineering mindset—we are not hacking things together or building algorithms in isolation—we build real systems, and we treat software as a craft that we approach with an engineer’s discipline.
  • You are someone we want to work with—you challenge the status quo and are someone we can learn from. Historically, we have been great at hiring such people, and now they are the cornerstones of our company. You will be responsible for building and nurturing this community.
  • You are someone that is passionate about technology—you follow the industry, you build things on your own, you tinker and hack, you read aplenty and attend meet-ups. You know that the technology landscape changes every few years and you retool continuously.
  • You have built things, you’ve seen the whole project lifecycle, you have delivered; you’ve seen failure and you’ve learned from it. You have developed the insight that will enable you to lead your team to deliver on time and within budget.
  • You have mastered a full technology stack; you know its problems; you know where it shines. In addition, your knowledge and experience extends to other technology stacks.
  • Your knowledge of computer science fundamentals prevents you from reinventing the wheel.
  • You understand the value of testing, quality, continuous integration, source control, and code reviews.
  • You are pragmatic:  you get things done, you can find a creative compromise between an ideal technical solution and actual client needs
  • It is a challenge—your peers will push you, and you will grow in leaps and bounds that is impossible in traditional organizations.
  • As a consultant, you will see a multitude of technologies, organizations, and projects—you will learn a lot in a very short period of time.
  • We are a flat meritocracy with an engineering mindset—what matters is how good you are and how well you and your team deliver.
  • We are focused on the finance domain—there are plenty of areas where technology is a competitive advantage, and our clients turn to us when they need more innovative solutions.
  • If you ask our engineers, they will probably tell you that their extraordinary peer group is the primary reason that they work for us.
  • We entrepreneurial and agile—there is a lot of opportunity to take accountability and grow quickly.

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